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          1. Our Team.


            Matthew Foster

            General Manager

            Ben Wright

            Founder & Advisor

            Isaac McFadzean

            Head of Operations


            Amanda Parker

            Customer Care and Warranty Manager

            Daniel Ball

            National Projects Manager

            Jeff Lai

            Head of Northern Region and Tenders

            Michelle Kemp

            Group Marketing Manager

            Key Personnel

            Alda Liosi

            Relationship Consultant

            Amanda Duffy

            Project Coordinator – NSW

            Angela Cacciotti

            Training Coordinator

            Annie Liew

            Marketing Coordinator

            Avinesh Lal

            Internal Accountant

            Ayat Imdad

            Project Coordinator

            Ayham Fawakherji

            Renewable Energy Engineer

            Dhruv Verma

            Business Development Manager (NSW)

            Don Mielekamp

            Project Manager (QLD)

            Henri Watanga

            Rebate Coordinator

            John Manion

            Head of Installers (NSW)

            JUAN SANCHEZ

            Head of Marketing Partners

            Julius Caseres

            Junior Renewable Energy Engineer

            Keith Aggus

            Field Manager

            Leo Caruso

            Project Manager

            Mayuri Gupta

            Project Coordinator LED Lighting

            Michael Phung

            Apprentice Electrician

            Mingfei Zhao

            Product Development Engineer

            Murray Christie

            Head of Sales (QLD)

            Nadine Cousins

            Business Development Manager

            Nick Blampied

            Key Accounts Manager

            Nigel Gomez

            Project Manager

            Paul Morrissy

            National Projects Manager

            Philip Knight

            Business Development Manager

            Rex Arokia

            Lead Engineer

            Saurav Srivastav

            Tender Coordinator

            Shelley Fraser

            Executive Assistant

            Steven Leong

            Quality & Compliance Manager

            Toby Pilton

            Warehouse Coordinator

            Travis Cameron

            Health, Safety & Environment Manager

            Supplied Products