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          1. 500+kW
            Solar System.

            For organisations that spend over $30,000 a month on electricity and that have the space, a large scale 500kW+ solar PV system, whether it is ground or roof-mounted, could save you more than $150,000 per annum. Typically systems of this size could be suitable for sites that have a large ground area available, one super large building or multiple buildings for multiple arrays that make up the total size. 500kW+ systems can be complex and require expertise and a number of different skill sets to deliver. They are a significant investment and need experienced management and significant attention to detail.?Cherry provide in-depth feasibility studies as the first step in understanding whether or not there is a good business case for solar.?If you spend over $360,000 per annum on electricity, invest in an asset that gives you an incredible return on investment with ongoing LGC revenue, cost savings and a reduction in tonnes of carbon emissions annually. Cherry provides every customer with an incredible customer care package including marketing material to assist you in promoting your new green credentials and Corporate Social Responsibility.

            Benjamin J Sperry

            System Design


            Our team is dedicated to match the aesthetics of your system to your needs. This can range from black panels, frameless panels or an arrangement to keep the system hidden from view on the street. These can be discussed in further detail with your energy consultant.

            How long will my system last?

            Your system is designed to be weather-proof and durable in Australian environments. Tier 1 reputable panels have performance warranties of 25 years and product warranties of 12-25 years (depending on the brand) and inverters can have warranties of 10 years +.

            System Output


            The output of your system depends on the size and products that make up the system. Largest systems with more efficient panels will generate much more energy.

            Product quality

            Cherry Energy Solutions only use Tier 1, quality photovoltaic panels (or modules) and inverters that have the best reputations in the market as well as Australian warranties.

            System Cost


            Your savings will vary depending on the size of your system, your current energy consumption, electricity rates and when you use your energy.

            Payback duration

            Payback is dependent on your consumption patterns, the products used and any optional finance opted to pay off the system.

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            Best Suited to:

            Secondary schools, universities, health care, aged care, large industrial and manufacturing sites, transport and logistics, and anyone with a large roof? or?any area big enough to install a ground mount system.


            Large-Scale Generation Certificates help subsidise the cost of solar systems above 100kW. In addition, government incentives will contribute to increasing your ROI.

            Let’s get started with your project the professional way

            Reimagine savings.

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            CASE STUDIES

            CHERRY PROJECTS.

            These systems, around the 500+kW benchmark, have contributed to large financial, energy and carbon savings. These businesses have installed an asset on their roof that will be bringing them savings for decades to come.?

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