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          1. Commercial Energy Monitoring

            Understand Your Energy Spending

            We provide you with a detailed understanding of your energy consumption and spending with additional benefits to help your business save more!


            Energy Monitoring

            The best way for your business to use energy in a cost-effective way is to monitor and control ongoing usage. When you have an unparalleled understanding of your consumption patterns, monitoring provides a world of new energy saving solutions including spend tracking, forecasting energy management strategies and automating the switching on/off of appliances and machinery. This allows you to make better decisions to replace high consumption appliances and machinery or to switch them on at off-peak times.

            Cherry Energy Solutions’ experienced engineers will work with you to find the best solution, not only to save you money and energy, but to help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. We understand how busy you are, and we want you to have the information needed to make optimum decisions. Cherry’s commercial energy monitoring system presents key performance indicators (KPIs) and reports, to allow quick decision making regarding energy usage.

            Free Onsite Assessment

            What You Can Measure.

            Track Circuits & Appliances

            Understand your major uses of energy in real-time, identify wastage and spot faulty devices

            Time-of-use Tracking

            Understand when appliances and embedded generation were in use

            Real-Time Spend Tracking

            See a real-time estimate of your energy bill using your actual tariff

            Track Baseline, Actual and Forecast

            Explain performance of energy management strategies and forecast likely outcomes

            Set Budget Alerts by Device

            Monitor your whole site or specific circuits, appliances, machinery or embedded generation

            Set-And-Forget Control

            Schedule appliances and machinery to run at the most optimal time and even restrict use to better manage spend

            Track A Portfolio Of Sites

            Track usage, even compare appliances and machinery, across a portfolio of sites, in real-time

            Accurate Sub-Billing

            Create new revenue by on-selling grid electricity & embedded generation to tenants

            What’s Right For You?


            Monitoring will provide information on existing equipment and allow you to strategise the operation of your equipment during off-peak times, automate when equipment is switched on and provide real-time spend tracking to give you an added edge on business operations and spending.


            With industrial businesses, long operating hours with high energy consumption equipment dominates the bulk of energy costs. Monitoring allows you to identify equipment with the highest consumption rates and plan automating operations around off-peak hours. You can also set budget alerts to keep track of spending in real time!


            Keep track of your consumption patterns with detailed analysis of faulty equipment to reduce wastage and maintenance costs. You can also track multiple sites across the country, allowing a greater observational view of consumption by geographical area or over a specific time period.


            Cherry offer schools the opportunity to incorporate renewable energy monitoring and management into their curriculum. Having real-time access to Cherry’s intelligent monitoring system allows students to interact with, and see how energy consumption from LED lights compares to conventional lights, and learn how energy from the sun is powering their school. Our smart energy monitoring system presents students with easy-to-understand information and gives kids the ability to drill down to the details and analyse the data, as part of their learning.

            Let’s get started with your project the professional way

            Start Saving Get Energy
            Solutions that Pay for Themselves.

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            Cherry provides a wide range of comprehensive energy efficiency solutions, including products and services, suitable for government, schools and businesses in various industries such as manufacturing, automotive, hospitality, transport and logistics, healthcare, retail and more.

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