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          1. Wittner
            Commercial | Retail

            Wittner is a Melbourne born and bred shoe store that begun as a modest family business and has now grown into a household name with over 75 stores Australia wide.

            $7,203 saved annually

            20,597 kWh saved annually

            THE CHALLENGE.

            Having worked with Wittner previously and as partners with Empower, their energy broker, Cherry Energy Solutions were approached to upgrade the lighting system that were retained from the previous merchant. These did not suit Wittner’s current needs as a fashion retailer and were extremely energy inefficient.

            The store was designed with existing cutouts that were too wide for the products, posing an intriguing challenge for the Cherry team. Furthermore, the installation was scheduled during store hours and the team had to be wary of disrupting customers and overall store operations.

            THE SOLUTION.

            To address the wide cutouts, custom made flanges were procured and fixed onto the LED products, including 10 x 50W Nimmo Eko Floodlights, 62 x 35W Optima VIsage and 75 x 17W Optima Frosted Recessed Downlights. In addition, the installation was scheduled during store hours and the team had to prioritise areas with minimal impact to trade and overall store operations.

            The manager has complimented the lighting improvements on the shop floor, the outstanding professionalism of the Cherry team as well as the annual savings amounting to $7,203, 20,597kWh and 26,776 kg CO2!

            26,776 kg CO2

            Reduced annually


            LED lights upgraded

            Supplied Products