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          1. Williamstown Community & Education Centre
            Government | Schools

            Williamstown Community & Education Centre has provided family support, skills development, social activities and quality adult education programs to the Hobsons Bay community for over 42 years.

            $3,000 saved annually

            14,816 kWh generated annually

            THE CHALLENGE.

            Through the Powershop Your Community Energy program, Williamstown CEC were able to fund the installation of a 11.13kW solar system. Through our preferred supplier agreement with Hobsons Bay City Council, Cherry Energy Solutions were selected to supply and install the solar system.

            THE SOLUTION.

            Cherry worked closely with Hobsons Bay City Council to provide the necessary documentation to install solar on a council building. The 11.13kW system was made up of Q CELL panels and Fronius inverters.

            The new solar system will produce 14,816 kWh per annum and will provide $104,405 in lifetime benefits over the next 25 years.


            In lifetime savings


            Solar PV system

            Supplied Products