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          1. True Foods

            True Foods is a rapidly growing commercial bakery focused on bringing innovation to the Australian bakery market. Their site in Maryborough uses a large amount of daytime energy but has limited roof space available for solar.

            $247,823 saved annually

            173 MWh generated annually

            THE CHALLENGE.

            The focus of the project was to deliver a solution to combat sky rocketing electricity prices, improve True Foods’ green credentials and generate the best financial return over the next 15 years, without compromising on quality of the products.

            Cherry Energy Solutions were chosen as True Foods’ partner in sustainability due to their patience, perseverance and ability to provide a variety of options to maximise the energy generation per square meter and meet True Foods’ specific needs.

            THE SOLUTION.

            Our expert solar design team engineered a solution limiting the exclusion zones on the roof through the use of tilt frames. Highly efficient SunPower P19 395W modules were selected to maximise energy yields in all conditions. The installation was completed 3 weeks ahead of deadline and True Foods remarked on the fantastic level of communication and professionalism from the Cherry Project Managers and installation team.

            With regular flour deliveries causing airborne particles to become potential fire hazards, the inverters were housed in a custom-built, temperature-controlled room. The Cherry and True Foods marketing teams worked together to design a facade for the inverter room to promote True Foods’ new green credentials and the benefits of their solar system.

            Post-installation, the system is outperforming expectations by approximately 10%. True Foods engaged Cherry to install an additional 500kW ground mount, bringing their total system size to 1.246MW. They can now expect to save 1,730 MW, $247,823 and more than 2,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually!

            2,000 tonnes CO2

            Reduced annually


            Solar PV system

            Ground and roof mount

            Supplied Products