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          1. TNT Express
            Industrial | Transport & Logistics

            TNT, one of Australia’s leaders in transport and logistics, were interested in conducting a suite of LED lighting upgrades across 13 depots in NSW, ACT, NT, QLD and TAS.

            $250,000 saved annually

            1,587 tonnes CO2 reduced annually

            THE CHALLENGE.

            The goal of the project was to reduce electricity consumption, improve lux levels and lighting quality across depot operational areas and reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

            TNT required a lighting solution that would provide a payback of 2 years and achieve a lighting energy reduction of an estimated 30% on all sites. The project presented the challenge of maintaining lighting to the depots during the works such that all parties had uninterrupted use of all parts of the depots and minimum disruption to operations.

            THE SOLUTION.

            The project was completed successfully, with more than 2,000 LED lights installed and TNT receiving more than $120,000 in VEEC/ESC subsidies towards the total cost of the project. The final payback period for the project was forecasted to be 1.3 years. This was achieved in line with expectations, a great result for all involved.

            In addition. TNT will now look forward to saving $250,000 per annum and 1,587,014 kg CO2 emissions, equivalent to taking 340 passenger vehicles off the road each year, contributing enormously towards offsetting TNT’s carbon footprint.


            Year payback period


            LED lights upgraded

            Supplied Products