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          1. The Hoppers Club
            Commercial | Hospitality & Leisure

            The Hoppers Club was established in 1973 and now boasts three eating facilities, nine sub-clubs, several function rooms, bars and more.

            $20,500 saved annually

            87,144kg CO2 reduced annually

            THE CHALLENGE.

            After engaging with Energy Action in 2015 and upgrading their refrigeration systems and lighting to LED, the Hoppers Club have placed a strong emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability. This year, the Club were ready to take the next step in their journey towards energy freedom and find the right strategy to reduce the club’s reliability on the grid and future proof the business against further increases in electricity prices.

            THE SOLUTION.

            Cherry Energy Solutions customised the design of a 99.64kW solar system to suit the Club’s combination of North, East and West facing roofs at various pitches. In partnership with the Sustainable Melbourne Fund, Cherry were able to offer an Environmental Upgrade Agreement (EUA) financing mechanism to fund the project over 10 years and leave the Hoppers Club cashflow positive by over $3,500 per annum from Year 1.

            The initial 99.64kW system is part of a multi-stage approach which will eventuate in a battery storage solution in the years to come. Working in collaboration with Energy Action to monitor the Club’s energy usage, Cherry will continue to support the Club in all their energy efficiency initiatives going forward.

            The new solar system is now providing 11% of the Club’s total energy usage, equivalent to savings of more than $20,000 every year, a fantastic result for all those involved!

            Funded by an EUA


            Solar PV system

            Cashflow positive from Day 1

            Supplied Products