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          1. The Greater Melbourne Cemeteries Trust
            Councils | Government

            With 19 locations across Melbourne and a strong focus on sustainability the Greater Melbourne Cemeteries Trust (GMCT) were interested in using energy more efficiently and reducing their electricity bills.

            $8,458 saved per annum

            54,980kg CO2 reduced annually

            THE CHALLENGE.

            Cherry Energy Solutions worked in collaboration with the respective local council bodies in Fawkner, Lilydale and Altona to design and implement LED lighting upgrades across the various sites.

            THE SOLUTION.

            At the Fawkner site, the LED lighting upgrade covered the main office areas, maintenance sheds, changing rooms and underground car park.

            A combination of Cherry LED T8 Tubes and LED Troffers were used to dramatically reduce the GMCT Fawkner site’s energy usage while improving the working environment.

            The new LED lights will reduce lighting energy consumption by 64%!

            GMCT Fawkner also received over $1,400 from Moreland City Council towards the cost of the lighting upgrade and are set to save more than $121,000 over the next 10 years!


            Saved over 10 years


            Moreland City Council grants



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