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          1. Qube Logistics
            Industrial | Transport & Logistics

            With lighting contributing to a large portion of Qube Logistics’ total expenditure on energy, they were looking for ways to cut their operation costs by becoming more energy efficient.

            $66,900 saved annually

            544,726kg CO2 reduced annually

            The Challenge.

            The warehouse areas of their large logistics centres require a high lumen output and LED lighting offered the most cost effective solution to improve OH&S conditions, create a brighter, safer working environment and reduce costs.

            Due to the height of a poles in the container yard, 28m and 36m, the installation of lighting would require extremely still conditions, with winds less than 20 km/h. This was an important consideration for the Cherry team during proposal stages.

            The Solution.

            In a staged rollout, first over 390 x 400W metal halide highbays were upgraded to 200W high performance ZETTA Highbays with photometric sensors.

            Second, 14 x 900W NIMMO FORTA flood lights and 42 x 450W ZETTA ALPHA area lights were installed, reducing the wattage of the area lights from 78,000W to 27,200W – a significant saving for Qube.

            The Cherry team worked closely with the Qube night staff, to ensure the new lights were installed at an appropriate angle for illumination. As a result, the feedback from the night staff was overwhelming positive.


            Saved annually


            LED light upgrades

            Supplied Products