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          1. Property NSW
            Councils | Government

            In 2017, the property manager of the North Coast Local Land and Services Office in Lismore (NSW) approached Cherry Energy Solutions, after recommendations by local installers in the Lismore (NSW) area, to take on a solar energy and LED light project under the Small Sites and Heritage Energy Efficiency Grants Scheme.

            $6,700 saved annually

            500 tonnes CO2 reduced annually

            THE CHALLENGE.

            Property NSW was aiming to drastically decrease their energy consumption and costs with additional support through the grant. This required an extensive business plan and detailed information according to specific guidelines for the fund application. Meticulous figures on the amount of cost and maintenance savings, CAPEX and carbon emissions were critical to receive funding.

            THE SOLUTION.

            The proposal included a fully integrated business case for a comprehensive LED lighting upgrade and a 10.6 kW solar system based on the provided asset registry for the office electricity consumption data.

            The installation of solar and 131 LED lights will give Property NSW savings in excess of $6,700 per annum and prevent a total of 500 tonnes of carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere.


            LED lights upgraded


            Solar PV system

            Supplied Products