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          1. Princes Hill Secondary College
            Government | Schools

            Established in 1889, Princes Hill Secondary College in Carlton North provides education for 840 students from Years 7-12.

            $36,634 saved annually

            244,207kg CO2 reduced annually

            THE CHALLENGE.

            With over 2,000 light fittings throughout the school, Princes Hill was aware that a considerable amount of its energy expenditure could be attributed to lighting. In addition to reducing their lighting bill, the school wanted to investigate the opportunity to install a solar system.

            THE SOLUTION.

            Princes Hill opted to retrofit their existing light fittings with a combination of Cherry LED T8 tubes, IQ Smart Lamps, LED troffers and LED corn lights. The lights will lead to a reduction in energy expenditure of 66% and due to a large range of Cherry LED lights being approved under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target scheme, the school received government rebates of over $24,000 to help contribute towards the cost of the upgrade.

            Princes Hill combined their LED upgrade with the installation of a 42.5kW solar system. Made up of 162 Renesola panels, Solis inverters and fixed to the roof with premium Clenergy mounting gear, the system will on average generate 55,589 kWh of energy and will lead to emissions reductions of 67,265 kg C02.

            55,589 kWh

            Generated by solar annually

            Cashflow positive from Day 1

            Supplied Products