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          1. Medical Developments International
            Industrial | Manufacturing

            Medical Developments International (MDI) is one of Australia’s leading specialized healthcare companies, having supplied healthcare professionals and patients innovative solutions since 1971. MDI developed the “Greenstick”, a product used globally for relief of moderate or severe pain as a result of trauma.

            $75,000 saved annually

            313,452 kWh generated annually

            THE CHALLENGE.

            MDI were looking to reduce CO2 emissions and energy costs at their large premises in Scoresby, Victoria.

            THE SOLUTION.

            Cherry Energy Solutions worked with MDI to obtain landlord approval for a renewable energy solution.

            Cherry obtained an engineering report to design and install a 245kW large-scale solar PV system with high wattage panels maximising energy production at MDI’s head office and state of the art manufacturing facility. After completing the solar installation, MDI are now saving of $75,000, 313,452 kWh and a whopping 401,218 kg of carbon emissions per annum.

            401,218kg CO2

            Reduced annually


            Solar PV system

            Supplied Products