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          1. Lakeside Packaging
            Industrial | Manufacturing

            Lakeside Packaging’s large industrial site in Campbellfield was falling victim to high electricity bills. The opportunity to upgrade to LED lighting offered an easy way to reduce costs while improving the working environment.

            $16,244 saved annually

            79,987kg CO2 reduced annually

            THE CHALLENGE.

            As a company with recycling part of their core business, Lakeside Packaging were particularly interested in reducing their carbon footprint.

            THE SOLUTION.

            The LED upgrade involved the installation of over 100 150W Cherry LED Corn Lights which will lead to energy savings of 63%. Approved under the VEEC scheme, the Cherry LED Corn Lights generated a rebate of over $30,000, reducing the cost of the upgrade by 86%!

            Over the next 10 years, Lakeside Packaging will save $193,772, a return on investment of 315%.In addition, due to Cherry’s participation in the Hume Light$mart program, they received a subsidy of an additional $500.


            Return on investment


            Saved over 10 years


            Subsidy from Hume City Council’s Light$mart program

            Supplied Products