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          1. Jax Tyres & Auto
            Commercial | Retail

            Founded in 1949 in Sydney, JAX Tyres & Auto has since grown into a nationally renowned brand for the sales and service of tyres, wheels, brakes and suspension. They serve over 60,000 customers every month and focus on providing the best service and products for all their customers.

            19,782 kWh saved annually

            16 tonnes CO2 reduced annually

            THE CHALLENGE.

            JAX were looking to reduce energy costs and consumption as well as their carbon footprint, firstly at their Smithfield store, and later at their other 86 stores nationwide. Given Cherry’s national capabilities, credibility and experience with multi-site installations, JAX chose us to help them on their sustainable journey.

            THE SOLUTION.

            Cherry Energy Solutions were on site just after the new year and completed the installation with our in-house installation team in just two days. The 15.08kW solar PV system was JAX’s first solar installation and is now saving their Smithfield site $4,584 and 19,782kWh off their yearly energy bills, as well as 16 tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

            JAX are extremely satisfied with the outcome of the project and are now endorsing us as their preferred energy efficiency expert and supplier for their other 86 sites.


            Saved annually

            16 tonnes

            Carbon emissions reduced annually


            Solar PV system

            Supplied Products