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          1. Fry’s Storage
            Buildings | Commercial

            Fry’s Self Storage, a multi-site storage business based in Port Melbourne, were concerned with the recent increases in electricity costs.

            $6,000 saved per annum

            19,000kWh generated annually

            THE CHALLENGE.

            With long operating hours, Fry’s was looking for a way to reduce their dependence on the energy grid whilst reducing operating costs.

            Fry’s chose Cherry Energy Solutions as an accredited Clean Energy Council solar retailer and installer to implement a solar strategy across their entire property portfolio.

            THE SOLUTION.

            Fry’s Self Storage installed a 19.98 kW solar system made up of 74 Qcell 270W panels, with Fronius inverters.

            Fry’s were impressed with the Fronius monitoring system, as they are able to constantly track the performance of the system. This size system will generate $6000 annual savings and will lead to emissions reductions of 24,000 kg CO2 .

            24,000kg CO2

            Reduced annually


            Solar PV system

            Supplied Products