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          1. Four Pillars Gin
            Industrial | Manufacturing

            $12879 saved annually

            $12,879 saved annually

            97,742kg CO2 reduced annually

            THE CHALLENGE.

            Four Pillars were interested in generating their own, clean energy and powering their Healesville distillery with solar.

            THE SOLUTION.

            Cherry Energy Solutions installed a 65.88 kW solar system, made up of Q-CELLS 305W panels and Fronius inverters.

            The system is now generating 88,856 kWh of energy per annum, equivalent to savings of 97,742 kg CO2 and $12,879.

            Aesthetics are important to Four Pillars and they were conscious of the impact installing solar panels may have on their carefully designed premises.

            To combat concerns, Cherry selected black framed solar panels, to compliment the aesthetics of the site.

            The project was funded under an Environmental Upgrade Agreement (EUA), giving Four Pillars access to long term finance on attractive terms.

            65.88 kW

            Solar PV system




            Lifetime savings

            Supplied Products