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          1. Conga
            Industrial | Manufacturing

            Conga Foods is one of Australia’s leading private, family-owned companies in the grocery industry.

            $145,000 saved annually

            41% of energy needs provided by solar

            THE CHALLENGE.

            With their large warehouse spaces and long operating hours, the opportunity to upgrade to LED lighting and solar with Cherry Energy Solutions was an easy way to improve the business’ bottom line. In addition to saving money, Conga Foods were especially interested in reducing their carbon emissions, increasing productivity and improving the working environment.

            THE SOLUTION.

            The solution involved an LED upgrade of 733 new lights and the installation of a 458.46 kW solar system. The new solar system is made up of 1,698 panels, spread across two areas of Conga’s large roof space.

            458.46 kW

            Solar PV system


            LED lights

            Supplied Products