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          1. Cerebos
            Industrial | Manufacturing

            Cerebos is a trans-Tasman integration of two innovative and successful sauce, spice and coffee manufacturing organisations.

            $356,055 10 year savings

            384,215 kg CO2 reduced annually

            191% ROI

            The Challenge.

            With their large warehouse spaces and long operating hours, the opportunity to upgrade to LED lighting with Cherry Energy Solutions was an easy way to improve the business’s bottom line.

            In addition to saving money, Cerebos were especially interested in reducing their carbon emissions, increasing productivity and improving the working environment.

            The Solution.

            The majority of the LED upgrade involved the retrofit of traditional fluorescent tubes with littil LED Tubes which will ensure an energy saving of 64%.

            The littil LED Tubes are the perfect solution for food manufacturing and packaging operations with their extended lifetime and low operating temperatures.

            Over the next 10 years, Cerebos will save $356,055, a 191% return on investment, plus $14,648 in maintenance as well as a reduction of 384,215 kg CO2 in carbon emissions per annum.

            They also received $1,000 from Darebin City Council, as part of the Light$mart program, towards the cost of the LED upgrade.


            Local Council Funding


            Saved over 10 years

            Supplied Products