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          1. Brentwood Secondary College
            Government | Schools

            Located in Glen Waverley, Brentwood Secondary College prides themselves on their vibrant culture of learning and creativity.

            $387,000 in lifetime savings

            108,647kg CO2 saved annually

            The Challenge.

            Recognising the significance of environmental responsibility, Brentwood pledged to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 in the Victorian government’s ‘Take 2’

            campaign. Cherry was recommended to Brentwood by Northcote High on account of our reputation and reliability. Brentwood’s installation was unique as they required an integration of two solar systems. Additionally, the installation had to be completed within a short time frame during school holidays to avoid disruption to students.

            The Solution.

            Cherry Energy Solutions undertook a vigorous planning and design process to ensure the two solar systems were compatible for power generation and monitoring. A strict schedule was pivotal in making sure the installation was completed during the school holidays. With 170 x 405W SunPower panels and Fronius inverters, Brentwood

            Secondary College’s system is saving 84,881kWh and 108,647kg CO2 per annum, with $387,000 saved over the life of the system.

            108,647kg CO2

            Saved annually

            System Integration

            With existing solar PV system

            ‘Take 2’

            Part of the VIC government campaign

            Supplied Products