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          1. BMW
            Commercial | Retail

            Established in Australia in 1989, BMW Financial Services has become one of the largest automotive financiers in the country with over 85,000 customer.

            408,888kwh annual savings

            $45,995 saved annually

            The Challenge.

            With over 2,300 light fittings and large energy costs from lighting, BMW Financial Services were well positioned to make some significant savings on their energy bill.

            The Solution.

            The existing light fittings were replaced with a combination of 32W Cherry LEF Troffers and 15W and 25W LED Tubes.

            Due to the lifetime of over 50,000hrs of the new lights, BMW will benefit from reducing maintenance costs by over $15,000 per annum.


            Light fittings

            531,554 kg CO2

            Saved annually


            Annual maintenance cost savings

            Supplied Products