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          1. ATOM Industrial Hardware
            Industrial | Manufacturing

            ATOM is a leading industrial hardware and safety equipment supplier.

            $3,942 saved annually

            24,624 kg CO2 saved annually

            The Challenge.

            ATOM Industrial Hardware were interested in upgrading their Eagle Farm site, with a fully customised lighting design and installation to meet stringent lighting requirements and to highlight their merchandise and warehouse racking.

            The Solution.

            After working with Cherry across sites in Victoria and New South Wales, ATOM opted to install over 150, 150W ZETTA LED highbays at their Eagle Farm site.

            As part of the installation, Cherry installed new electrical infrastructure including a new distribution board and new plug bases to match the location of the highbays. Cherry’s sophisticated lighting design, using a custom Dialux lighting simulation for ATOM’s curved roof, ensured all highbays were dropped to the same height and that there were no blackspots.

            The new highbays are now saving ATOM more than 115,000 kWh per annum, reducing their expenditure on lighting by 62%. This is equivalent to savings of 149,953 kg CO2 $24,452 per annum, a fantastic result for all involved!

            50,000 hrs



            Decrease in lighting expenditure


            LED lights

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