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          1. Altona Bowling Club
            Commercial | Hospitality & Leisure

            The Altona Bowling Club provides two pristine grass greens, a synthetic green, and a large function area for their devoted bowlers.

            $17,677 saved annually

            Cashflow positive by $4,000 per annum

            The Challenge.

            As electricity prices continue to rise, the Club had a strong interest in becoming energy efficient.

            The club engaged with Cherry to help reduce their carbon footprint and create a more sustainable future.

            The Solution.

            Cherry Energy Solutions customised the design of a 69.96kW solar PV system to suit the Club’s north-east facing roofs at various pitches. From Year 1, the Club are cashflow positive by more than $4,000 per annum.

            The newly installed solar system is now producing 31% of the Club’s total energy usage, equivalent to savings of more than $17,000 every year, a fantastic result for all those involved!

            69.96 kW

            Solar Energy

            Supplied Products