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          1. SolarEdge

            Solar Inverter

            SolarEdge inverters combine sophisticated digital control technology with efficient power conversion architecture to achieve superior solar power harvesting and best-in-class reliability.?

            SolarEdge DC optimised systems provide an additional level of monitoring and reporting capabilities for enhanced system performance.


            • Enhanced safety – SafeDC and Rapid Shutdown for superior electrical safety.
            • Increased yields – panel-level optimisation reduces the impact of soiling and other detrimental occurrences.
            • Extensive product warranties. – 12-year inverter warranty and the 25-year optimisers warranty.
            • User-friendly apps – instantaneous system performance at the tips of your fingers.
            • Module-level monitoring – remote performance analysis and asset management without site visits.
            • Future Proof – Battery storage, home/business automation and EV chargers all part of the current product suite.


            SolarEdge provides one of the most comprehensive ends to end warranties in the market.

            All inverters are covered by a 12-year warranty which can easily and affordably be extended to 20 years.

            All optimisers are covered by a 25-year product warranty.

            Solaredge cost saving maintenance

            Free Onsite Assessment

            Supplied Products