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          1. LED Downlights

            LED Lighting

            Extremely energy efficient and long-lasting, our Commercial LED downlights are designed to perform, and competitively priced so that you receive a return on your investment in the shortest possible time.


            • High quality functional lighting for exceptional indoor performance.
            • Immediate savings through efficient low energy usage.
            • State of the art technology for uniform and comfortable light rays (no black spots).
            • Perfect for highlighting objects with warm white light
            • No flickering when installed correctly.
            • Products to suit new or existing homes and offices.
            • 2 year warranty.
            • 50,000 hour lifetime
            • Certified to Australian standards.


            Our strict quality control measures ensure our products are of the highest standard among commercial LED suppliers in the industry, and help you achieve your 6 star energy rating.

            Our downlight frames and lamps come in a range of styles to suit a modern or traditional interior, seamlessly fitting into any home or business and ensuring you of superior lighting.

            Free Onsite Assessment

            Supplied Products