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          1. Cherry Pulse

            Energy Monitoring

            Cherry Pulse is a state of the art, intelligent energy monitoring system from Cherry Energy Solutions.

            Cherry Pulse allows you to monitor and control how your business is consuming electricity, in real time, making it easy to stay in control of your energy spend by managing energy usage at a circuit and appliance level, using actual energy tariffs.


            • Track circuits & appliances
            • Time-of-use tracking
            • Real-time spend tracking
            • Track baseline, actual and forecast
            • Set budget alerts by device
            • Set-and-forget control
            • Track a portfolio of sites
            • Accurate sub-billing


            Cherry Pulse is at the forefront of technological developments in energy monitoring and customer-centric presentation.

            It’s part of Cherry Energy Solutions’ innovative new product development, with advances in sensors and smart technology. Our efficient energy management solutions are unparalleled in Australia’s energy industry.

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