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          1. Reimagine the possibilities with


            Cherry Energy Solutions has developed a class-leading rooftop software program, affectionately known as Berty.AI.

            3D Modelling


            Safety & Compliance

            Meet Berty.AI

            Cherry can deploy “Berty” to take high-resolution imagery and videography of your roof and use line of sight and artificial intelligence (“AI”) to identify any pre-existing hazards or issues, like potential weak spots. Maintenance can then be completed prior to solar being installed reducing any risk of issues with your roof at the time of installation and in the future.

            After installation, we do another fly over to show you your new system in full glory with evidence that we have left your roof in the same (but improved with solar) condition. This will be as an on roof “walkthrough” highlighting important aspects of the installation and including key training advice for staff.

            Berty provides insights over and above computer or hard copy manuals and allows you to share your sustainable journey. At each maintenance visit, Berty will take thermal imagery of your panels to ensure there are no hotspots, giving us advanced warning if work is required, and that your system is performing as it should be. Your new digital rooftop fingerprint will be shared with you to promote your new green credentials.

            Click below to talk to us to find out how Berty can reduce maintenance costs and safety hazards for your rooftop solar!

            Supplied Products